If you want to measure your ring size, the length of a bracelet or a necklace, we describe the best way to do it here.

For special designs, simply contact us by mail. We will be happy to find a solution for sizes that are not currently available.

my ring size?

Ring sizes can be determined by measuring the diameter. The best way is to measure the diameter of an existing ring and compare your result with the size chart.

Another option is to cut out a strip of paper, wrap it around your finger and measure the point where the strip encircles your finger. This can also be done with a string. Then you can compare your result with the sizes listed here.

48 = 15.3 mm

49 = 15.6 mm

50 = 15.9 mm

51 = 16,2 mm

52 = 16.6 mm

53 = 16.9 mm

54 = 17,2 mm

55 = 17.5 mm

56 = 17.8 mm

57 = 18.1 mm

58 = 18.5 mm

59 = 18,8 mm

60 = 19.1 mm

61 = 19,4 mm

my bracelet?

To measure the length for a bracelet do the same, with a string or paper tape, or maybe a tape measure. Our bracelets are measured in cm, so it’s easy to check which one fits you best.

my necklace?

To measure the length for a necklace, you can also use a string or a necklace that fits you well. The lengths of our necklaces are also given in cm. Our standard length is 45cm.

How can I clean my jewellery so that it stays beautiful for a long time?

We only work with high-quality, durable materials. Lilly jewellery gives your everyday life something very special. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy your jewellery for a long time:

You should apply perfume, hairspray and the like before putting on the jewellery. Always take jewellery off when exercising, washing your hands or doing household chores to prevent it from getting tarnished. Jewellery that contains stones or pearls should not come into contact with household cleaning products, saltwater or sun cream.

To keep your jewellery looking like new, you can carefully place it in lukewarm water and a little washing up liquid, not for pearl jewellery. You can clean the jewellery carefully with a soft brush and then rinse it under clear water. Do not use polishing cloths on jewellery with texture and matt spots, you will polish these matt spots shiny and your jewellery will lose the contrast of the fine silver in the texture.

Our jewellery is made of 925 silver, you can see this on the stamp in your ring or on the back of a pendant, as well as on the clasps of a necklace or on the ear studs.

When you take your jewellery off, you can store it in our cotton bag or in the jewellery box. Or if you have a jewellery box, put it in there. In the bathroom, where the humidity is very high, the jewellery may oxidise more quickly if you leave it open there.