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The Island Hoops, ear jewellery from the new collection Islandjewellery by Lilly. Inspired by the shine on the sea that covers the surface like a film of oil. On a calm day without wind and without waves. Deep peace from the water that glides over the sand and makes the stones shine in its stillness. A pleasant feeling on the skin, a way to delicately capture light and shine with natural island textures. The smooth mild part, like in the island ring, has a shiny polish and reflects the light around you in everyday life. This effect gives you calm, attention and light. A very harmonious contrast in the hoop design. The size of these earrings is about 2 cm in diameter.

During the production of jewellery, slight deviations in texture and shape may occur. The reflections of the ear jewellery are slightly different for each individually made hoop. Your hoops are individually designed and handmade on the Island Corfu.


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